Week 1 - Review of Multiplication Tables

Perhaps you had the flu years ago, when you were supposed to learn the multiplication tables. I missed the 7's and 8's that way! Maybe, as a child, you did not think that learning the multiplication tables was that important. Maybe, back then, you did not have anyone at home to help you learn the tables.

If you did not learn the all of the multiplication tables up to the "12's" in the past, now will be the time for you to learn them!

Try at least one of the games linked below, and find out which problems you do not automatically know. Then, get some 3 x 5 cards, and write out the problems that you missed, writing the answers on the back. Use a calculator to help you get the answers, if you do not know them.

If you have to write many cards, you might want to just print them out, using the link below:
Every day, concerntrate on only one problem. Put the card by your bed. When you wake up, look at the card, and repeat it. Look at it again while you eat each meal, while you climb up steps, while you walk through the supermarket... you get the idea. One card a day can't be all that bad, right? Then, the next day, review that card. You should know it quickly. If you don't, do that card for another day. Eventually, you will learn all of the cards.

Next, practice the onine quiz below. This is not for a grade: this is to make you more comfortable and secure that you know the multiplication tables.

Take the quiz at least twice a week. Do you notice a big difference in your score? How do you feel now about the multiplication tables? Better, I hope.