This space will be used to post frequently asked questions, as they emerge during discussion forums:

1. Question: I have a problem with certain links on the Wiki. Who do I notify, and how do I contact them?
For system or technical difficulties, please email the instructor at rsj5@uakron.edu .

2. Question: My Internet connection is not working. How do I contact the instructor?
If your Internet connection is not working, call the instructor at 330-321-1090.

3. Question: How do I know what to read for the week, and what homework problems I have due?
You will receive an email by noon Monday each week, containing your reading assignment and a Word document with homework problems.

4. Question: How do I know my group assignment and team members for the week's project?
You will receive an email by noon Monday each week containing your group assignment and emails of team members.

5. Question: How do I submit my homework and projects?
You should email homework problems to your instructor at rsj5@uakron.edu . Projects should also be emailed to me, as well as posted on the Project Posting Page of this Wiki (see the link to the left.)

6. Question: There seems to be a lot of assignments, and a lot of objectives we have to meet. Is this normal for this class?
All Basic Math II classes, whether online or face-to-face, have to meet designated objectives. Students in a regular classroom are getting the same reading and homework assignments. You do have extra work, in terms of discussion postings, but students of online classes should expect to spend more time on their classwork than those in regular classes. On the bright side, you have access to online videos and math aids that might not be available to you in a regular classroom.

7. Question: I have always hated group work in the past, because I always wind up doing all of the work. What can I do if a group member is not doing his or her work?
You can do two things. One: You can indicate that the student has not worked via the rubric assessment for that team member.
Two: If this becomes a chronic problem, you can email me about the issue at rsj5@uakron.edu .