About your instructor, Rhonda Renker...

Rhonda Renker

Hello! My name is Rhonda Susan Renker. I am your instructor for this prototype course, Basic Math II online.

I am a research assistant for Dr. Antonio Quesada at the University of Akron's mathematics department, where I work with interactive mathematics software in blended mathematics technology courses for senior pre-service and in-service secondary teachers of mathematics.

I am a returning student. My Bachelor's Degree was in horticulture from Purdue University, where I specialized in plant breeding. I once owned a greenhouse business where I grew over 2000 different types of plants on five acres, including 450 different kinds of tomatoes!

Today, I am studying to become a high school math teacher, and am also working toward a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology. I am especially interested in developing on-line courses in remedial mathematics, such as this prototype for a Basic Math II class. I regularly work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, GeoGebra, Cabri-II, TI-NSpire CAS, Inspiration, Adobe Acrobat, and Springboard, both as a student and as a teaching assistant, and for the last seven months have been getting better acquainted with html coding, Dreamweaver, Flash, Windows Moviemaker, and Adobe Photoshop.

I live in Lafayette Township, Medina County, Ohio, in a farmhouse built in 1837 and crammed with books, with my two dogs, Kita and Greta, and my two cats, Figaro and Guinevere.

If you ever need to contact me about a problem with this Wiki or some other technical problem that you have, please email me at rsj5@uakron.edu, or call me at 330-321-1090.