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Everyone learns some things more easily than others. Everyone has, at one time or another, had difficulties learning a subject. Learning is not always easy! Learning a subject that seems difficult to you, takes dedication and hard work. Many times, it is the things that take the greatest effort to learn, that we remember the most! Learning a subject online, especially a subject like math, takes dedication in another way: You must give yourself enough time each day, and each week, to not only do the assignments online, but also to practice what you have learned. This all takes time. Before you begin this class, try to find at least two hours each day to work on homework, and at least fifteen minutes each day to practice what you have learned.

Practice does not have to be boring. On this Wiki, I will give you the choice of choosing what interactive games and puzzles you want to use, to practice what you have learned. You can play every single game, or just use a few. Try, however, to play at least one math game listed under the current unit, each day, for 15 minutes. You can also review games under past topics, to help you get more confident about your abilities in math.

Each week, I will outline on this page (and provide an audio version) of the assignments for the week, including the current project and topic. Due dates will also be noted on this page.

Each Monday, I will email you the names of your team members and the team assignment, as well as the reading and homework assignments from your textbook. If you do not receive an email, or if you have any difficulties due to technical or health problems, please email me at rsj5@uakron.edu or call me on the phone number listed in the syllabus.

For the first week, I suggest that you:

1) Print out and read the Syllabus. You can download a copy in the link to the left.

2) Introduce yourself in the Discussion (click the tab to the left), under the first topic heading: Introductions.

3) Purchase the classroom textbook, as described in the Syllabus.

4) Practice your multiplication tables, using the interactive game found on the Multiplication Review and Games page.

5) Complete the inquiry project, Review on Fractions, found on the Units and Projects page.

My goal for you is to not only understand the concepts we cover in class, but also to feel better about your ability to do math problems! As long as you devote enough time and effort into learning and practicing what we have learned, you can and will learn the concepts covered in this class!

For system or technical difficulties, please email the instructor at rsj5@uakron.edu .